Tips For Online Dating – How to Have a Fun and Successful Online Dating Experience

Will it be heart break or love online? Well you might have more say in the outcome of your online dating experience then you think. Follow these tips for online dating to increase your responses, success and fun!

Tips for online dating

1. Make your photo fun but not silly. Let’s face it, you first contact with someone online will involve your photo so put some effort into selecting the right picture. What do you want to project? Do you want others to think you are fun, lively, sweet? Research shows that a fun picture, for instance you at the park or having fun has more appeal then a stuffy picture of you in work attire or a grainy picture that looks like it was cropped.

2. Add details to your profile. Your profile is the next place people will look and you want your profile to have specific details that show who you are. If you have a dog what breed is it and what is it’s name? What is your favorite hotel at your favorite vacation spot? The more you share the more opportunities others see to communicate with you. A well thought out profile can explode your response rate.

3. Take a systematic approach. Dating online gives you a unique opportunity to learn about someone before you even meet. Use this time to your advantage, keep track of fun facts about the people you meet as well as inconsistencies between what they say and how they act. Your top priority is fun but you can save yourself a lot of heart break down the road with the right approach to dating.

4. Don’t get discouraged. You might have to meet a few frogs before you meet your Prince (or Princess) Charming and that’s OK; it happens to everyone. Keep the attitude that when one door closes another one opens and you will find what you are looking for.

5 Tips to Successful Online Dating

Most single people seem to be online dating these days. We all lead busy lives and time is valuable, so this is a great way to interact with potential partners before meeting up.

Now we have all heard the story, a friend of a friend met the love of his/her life online, so give it a go. But it can all seem quite daunting when you first sign up. Below are 5 tips that should help you succeed.

1. Make your profile light hearted. This is not a job interview, so do not put too much pressure on yourself. Friends of mine often tell me, “I do not know what to write about myself”. Firstly, why not get a friend to write your profile – they can give a great informed synopsis of what you are really like and you do not have to feel uncomfortable writing about yourself. Secondly, if you do write it yourself, think of all the things people usually say they like about you and list them. Do not be too conceited, but let people know about your good points.

2. Make sure you have a picture or two ready to upload. It is a well known fact that picture profiles are far more likely to be contacted than those without. If you were buying something online, you would like to see what you were getting right? the same applies here. It may seem shallow, but in reality it is human nature

3. Do not be shy to send the first email. If there is someone you like the look of and their profile seems to match your interests, send them a mail. What is the worst that can happen? They do not reply. If that is the case, then it was not meant to be and move on.

4. If you exchange a few emails and the mood feels right, then organise a date. But, I fully suggest having a telephone conversation before you actually meet. It is amazing what you get from a short conversation with someone. After you have spoken to them and your head tells you something did not feel quite right, then it probably is not. Just email that person explaining you have change your mind and move on. Your first instinct is normally correct.

5. Once you arrange that all important first date, relax! This is why you have joined the site, to have fun meeting new people. Go into it with an open mind, without putting pressure on yourself and I’m sure you will have a great evening!